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We look at businesses from 3 angles: the jockey, the horse, and the race. If you think you have what it takes after reading through our investment framework and meeting musts, send us your pitch!


The Jockey:
Who we invest in

We invest in creators, dreamers, doers, renegades: a band of street fighters.

The world is made a better place when entrepreneurs like you have a burning desire to solve real customer problems. We’re here to fuel that desire with high-octane entrepreneurial fire. Made in Detroit.

We know early-stage fundraising can drain the energy out of your startup. With up to $3M of dry powder allocated per investment, our founders can focus on growing their core business and not bridge financing.


The Horse:
What we invest in

We have an all-digital strategy and make seed and early-stage investments in highly scalable e-commerce, Adtech, enterprise SaaS, consumer web, cloud computing, and mobile software technologies.

We invest in early-stage seed and Series A rounds. Our typical investment has a proven team that has built a promising product, either generating revenue or seeing significant user growth.


The Race:
How we compete

We look for companies in large, expanding markets. We love to invest mobile apps, social media, ad-tech, e-commerce, and B2B software. We look for market opportunities that can be dominated through dramatic innovation.

How to pitch us

Get your ducks in a row

Before you submit your pitch, take a sec and download our sample investor packet and meeting musts to get an idea of what to send our way.

Oh, and we don’t sign NDAs. We’re in the business of investing in talented entrepreneurs who can execute and would NEVER steal someone’s idea.

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