Our Approach

Investment, Partnership, Growth

Culture is important to us here at Detroit Venture Partners. Because we invest in people, we look for entrepreneurs who share the same DNA as we do.

  1. Passion First

    • Build something larger than yourself
    • Stay close to your purpose and "why"
    • Rebuild Detroit
    • Drive social change
  2. No Limits

    • Playing it safe is irresponsibly dangerous
    • Begin with an empty cup (open-mindedness)
    • Defeat the gremlin (identify and conquer your fears)
    • Have the courage to challenge conventional wisdom
    • Ideas don’t have an org chart
    • We tune in (to customers, team members, the world around us)
  3. "Do or do not. There is no try"


    • Fail Fast (and learn)
    • Confront the brutal facts
    • Will of steel (persistence)
    • Eyes wide open (prioritization and visibility)
    • Don’t solve for the exceptions
    • Execution is worshiped
  4. Nothing clarifies like clarity

    • No Surprises, No Assumptions
    • I’m me and you’re you (know and speak to your audience)
    • Cut through the buzz words
    • Gump it! (simplify so Forrest Gump could understand)
    • Grow Big Ears (we listen)
  5. This ain't a morgue

    • Don’t take ourselves too seriously
    • Have fun!
    • Embrace Power of Humor
  6. Deer in headlights die

    • Do more faster (Speed wins)
    • Urgency wins championships
    • Find the shortest path
    • If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough
  7. Leave it better than you found it

    • Zappers not sappers (energize those around you)
    • Senators & Shleppers get the same treatment
    • Don’t take things for granted (Gratitude)
    • Optimism is a force multiplier
  8. The past is dead

    • Constant Learning
    • Don’t stumble over something behind you
    • Drive and embrace change
  9. Feedback is a gift

    • No yes-men (tell it like it is)
    • Friendly fire encouraged
    • Challenge assumptions & each other
  10. Do more with less

    • Drive efficiency through higher thinking
    • Always finding a better way
    • Constraints create stronger solutions
  11. I got your back

    • Grow your trust account (pays big dividends)
    • Accountability is non-negotiable